Thursday, September 28, 2006

My New Love

Here is the first picture of my favorite new bag. I picked up the material months ago after falling in love with the delicately embroidered flowers on a cream linen background. I lined it with rich, dark chocolate silk. It is nice and spacious and can carry everything I need for a day away from home.

The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift, Part II

Here is another little number I made for the bridesmaids of a friend's lovely wedding. The bride picked out the exterior fabric and requested the shoulder strap. They turned out so pretty and the shoulder strap is now going to be an option for all clutches.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

There's a new girl in town...

with a brand new style. Allow me to introduce my newest style, the City Bag. I am not sure if the name is going to stick; we'll just have to see how it rolls off the tongue. I made this little number for a friend in grad school who needed lots of room to carry around her personal branch of the New York Public Library. This little lady is 17" long and 16" wide with one wide strap. The exterior is a thick pink cotton/denim and the interior is pure happiness and sunshine.

Home Economics

So my new favorite thing to do is to make custom throw pillows. I helped my coworker add a little unique decor to his new apartment by making these pillows. The pattern is from reprodepot, the silk is from one of my favorite Garment District stores and the inserts of from Bed Bath & Beyond. All and all, the materials run about $20 per pillow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The perfect bridesmaid gift

My friend and bride-to-be suggested that my purses would be perfect as unique gifts for bridesmaids. I was lucky enough to be commissioned to make purses for an Alabama bridal party. I am still waiting for pictures of the purses in action, but here is the petite clutch I made for the maids and the wee purse for the flower girl.

The Messenger Bag

Never one to neglect the fellas, I whipped up this sexy messenger bag in April. The exterior is army green with subtle pinstripes and brown, ultra-suede accents. It is lined with camouflage. The prototype has also held up to months of grad student abuse without a rip or tear.


Well hello. What a surprise, meeting you here like this. Since you are here, care to see what I have been up to? Sure you do.