Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Twist

As I have mentioned once or twice before, it is raining babies in my life. Twin girls were born last week in Los Angeles who are patiently waiting for quilts. Fueled by ice coffee and the fear of drowning in fabric, I managed to knock out this little number this evening. There is a tuck on the seersucker side that needs to get reworked, but otherwise it is pretty much done.

The twins' mother made her feelings about pink pretty clear, so I picked up this awesome seersucker at Purl. It is made up of red, yellow and blue stripes. I backed it with a solid white and quilted it with the painted yellow thread.

As for the quilting design, I traced the center of the flower and drew the petals freehand. The flowers alone didn't provide enough quilting so I added partial circles to the border. Overall, I am thinking it is pretty cute. It should segue nicely from a crib to a toddler bed too.

Quilt Action Shots - Part V

Here is sweet Erol, napping with his new quilt. He is only a week old but already an accomplished model.

Tied Up With A Bow

I am sad to see this one go.