Sunday, July 02, 2006

There's a new girl in town...

with a brand new style. Allow me to introduce my newest style, the City Bag. I am not sure if the name is going to stick; we'll just have to see how it rolls off the tongue. I made this little number for a friend in grad school who needed lots of room to carry around her personal branch of the New York Public Library. This little lady is 17" long and 16" wide with one wide strap. The exterior is a thick pink cotton/denim and the interior is pure happiness and sunshine.

Home Economics

So my new favorite thing to do is to make custom throw pillows. I helped my coworker add a little unique decor to his new apartment by making these pillows. The pattern is from reprodepot, the silk is from one of my favorite Garment District stores and the inserts of from Bed Bath & Beyond. All and all, the materials run about $20 per pillow.