Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Diaper Bag

This could be my new favorite bag and my pictures do not do it justice at all. I wanted to make something nice and roomy with a lot of pockets for storage and boy is it. It is perfect for carrying everything a baby needs and maybe even the baby. Just kidding, this is not a baby carrier ; ) I also put together a coordinating changing pad.

Christmas Present Action Shots

I made this pillow for my mother for Christmas. It is made with vintage embroidery and eyelet lace. Here it is taking center stage on my mom's bed.

A fancy little dress

This dress was a labor of love. It took two different types of fabric, two different patterns and a whole lot of time before getting it right. I went through every emotion trying to get this right and wanted to give up so many times but I am so happy that I pushed through. I can see making this dress in so many different fabrics - the possabilites are endless.

A few Christmas presents

I whipped up some peach cherry and ginger jam and little bird ornaments for little Christmas presents this year. I loved the way they turned out and will be making more next year, for sure.

Finished Scrap Quilt

I started this quilt several months ago and I finally finished it the week before Christmas. This is one of few times where I started a quilt and didn't finish it right away. My scrap bag was over flowing and making a scrap quilt seemed like a great idea. I started by cutting the scraps into two incch pieces of various lengths and then sewed them into long strips. Once I had nine strips, I sewed them together and cut them into twelve inch blocks. The sashing came from my stash, along with the batting and the yellow binding so the only thing I had to buy for this project was the white muslin backing.

Here it is partially quilted and waiting for the binding.

And here it is finished and waiting for a nice afternoon nap.