Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The perfect bridesmaid gift

My friend and bride-to-be suggested that my purses would be perfect as unique gifts for bridesmaids. I was lucky enough to be commissioned to make purses for an Alabama bridal party. I am still waiting for pictures of the purses in action, but here is the petite clutch I made for the maids and the wee purse for the flower girl.

The Messenger Bag

Never one to neglect the fellas, I whipped up this sexy messenger bag in April. The exterior is army green with subtle pinstripes and brown, ultra-suede accents. It is lined with camouflage. The prototype has also held up to months of grad student abuse without a rip or tear.


Well hello. What a surprise, meeting you here like this. Since you are here, care to see what I have been up to? Sure you do.