Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another little dress

This time, this dress is for a four year old and not a baby. I love the little pockets and the turquoise and while polka dot trim. I added a little fishie button on the collar to make because I have it on excellent authority that little fun buttons are the best part of the dress. I also have little kitties and mice buttons and they are a HUGE hit so I figured it couldn't hurt to add a fish to this dress.

Beetle Mania

Here is another new print - Japanese Beetles! It is just so cute and if you look closely at the bottom left corner you can see one of the little beetles I keep mentioning. I also lined the bag with a navy blue cotton which really brings out the white in the exterior print.

A New Purse

I put this purse together with a specific request for a bright yellow lining. The blue and white print with the splash of yellow work so well together. The blue print was purchased in Mexico and the yellow wool came from the Garment District. This one is for a friend but I will definitely be making myself one soon.