Friday, April 25, 2008

Adios Muchachos!

I am off to Argentina for an exciting, adventure-filled vacation. I have already researched the Buenos Aires garment district and it is on the top of my list of things to do. And ice trekking; I will definitely be doing some ice trekking in Patagonia. And wine tasting; there will be a lot of that as well.

There won't be any posts for a while but I can hint that something very craftciting is brewing in the Internet. Once things are finalized, I will be sure to post more. And if my new friends are reading this, you know what I am talking about.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lovely Lady Lap Quilt

So here is the lap quilt I made for my co-worker's mother. It has been confirmed by several independent sources that is quite lovely, which makes me very happy. It also made me so happy to do this for my co-worker, mostly because this quilt should guarantee him "Favorite Son of the Year" status over his brothers, and who doesn't love that?

I picked five solid colors and put them together in 11" x 11" squares. Each square was repeated twice. My favorite part of the quilt is the binding on the back, tying in the modern, geometric pattern with the fun, whimsical My Folklore pattern.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Too Many Fish In the Sea

There are twin girls due in June that are in line for baby quilts. I picked up this lovely fabric for one of the quilts. The twins' mother casually mentioned that she prefers colors that aren't pink, so I went with the bright primary colors. It is so fun and bright; I can't wait to put it together for the little lady.

A Quilt In Progress

Today was my first day in a long while that I could dedicate to sewing. My to-do list is getting pretty long so I needed to get a move on. I set aside all of today to work on my co-worker's quilt.

As I mentioned, my coworker picked out the My Folklore pattern for the quilt back. I then picked out five solid fabrics, a white, a cream, a light pink, a mauve and a chocolate brown for the quilt top.

A Pile of Goodness

I took this picture this afternoon, interrupting the Weekend Craftbonanza to capture this beautiful shot of the sun shining in on some of my new fabric.

(And yes, I am still quite smitten with the new camera.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Not A Craft Exactly

It burns me that I haven't had a good craft post for a while but the whole rest of my life is keeping me rather busy. But It Is On this weekend. I have a long list of things to make and I won't stop until I get them done. I am even bringing in the reinforcements (under the guise of hemming her jeans - ha ha).

To compensate for my lack of crafting, I did a little internet shopping, including investing in a fancy new camera. I took the new baby out for a test ride last night and took this lovely shot. So here is a little eye candy until this weekend's craft explosion gets documented.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Got the Tag!

By Amy the DINK

A: Attached or Single? Attached
B: Best Friend? There are a couple of special ladies out there that get that title. You know who you are.
C: Cake or Pie? cake cake cake cake
D: Day of Choice? Lazy Sundays
E; Essential Item? My sewing machine
F: Favorite Color? It is impossible for me to pick favorites
G: Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears, especially the pineapple ones. Mmmmmm
H: Hometown? Uptight, small, suburban town in Connecticut
I: Indulgence? A fancy new camera
J: January or July? July 'cause it's my birthday
K: Kids? Does a ten year-old gray cat count?
L: Life isn't complete without? Good friends sharing good food and great wine
M: Marriage date? November 3, 2007
N: Number of brothers and sisters? One super sister
O: Oranges or apples? Pink Lady Apples - all the way
P: Phobias and fears? I am desperately afraid of the vacuum cleaner running over my toes
Q: Quote? "Why don't you just tell me what movie you want to see" Kramer
R: Reason to smile? I work about 5 blocks from NYC's Garment District
S: Season of choice? Fall in New York
T: Tag three people? Nadia and Jess, it's your turn.
U: Unknown fact about me? I secretly love reading science fiction
V: Vegetable? Steamed brussel spouts forever
W: Worst habit? Biting off more than I can chew
X: X-ray or Ultrasound? I have only had an x-ray so I guess I will go with that.
Y: Your favorite food? Caravan of Dream's tempeh reuben. It is how my husband wooed me to move to New York.
Z: Zodiac sign? Cancer Moon Child

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quilt Action Shots - Part III

So I got to see the Quilt for A Grown Up Gal in action on Sunday when I was invited over for way too much wine and some very tasty fondue. There was a lovely soup and salad, but really, the fondue was quite the winner. Why am I not eating fondue every night? I digress.

Here are some great action shots of the quilt in the OLDM's newly painted apartment. It looks terrific with her artwork and her eyes. ; ) The OLDM was nice enough to take some self portraits that are just wonderful. She even tried to emulate some of the other babies on the blog by chewing on the corner of the quilt and striking a happy baby pose, but because she might have a career in politics one day, I am keeping those lovelies to myself. For now.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A New Trick

So I figured out how to make make up bags this weekend. I don't know where the deep rooted fear came from but I had been resisting this idea for a long long time. I found a great tutorial on that calmed my fears and by yesterday afternoon, I was in business.

The dimensions for the makeup bag in the tutorial were smaller than what I wanted so I swallowed my fear of math and adjusted the pattern to make a larger bag. The smaller one is 7" x 4" and the larger one is 8" x 5". The smaller one is perfect for going in a purse, while the bigger one is just right for holding your daily make up.