Thursday, October 25, 2007

Toot! Toot!

I know it is rude to toot my own horn, but every once in a while, a gal makes something that is just so pretty it can't be helped. This lovely quilt was started a while ago but was put on the back burner so I could concentrate on my wedding dress. Now that the dress is finished and the wedding is just around the corner, I finally had time again to work on this little beauty. It is a gift for my newest friend, Clementine. She took her sweet time coming into this world, but she was definitely worth the wait.
I used a Japanese print and created a cream border to create 12" x 14" blocks and then sewed them all together. I quilted "in the ditch" following the two vertical seams and outlined each swatch of pear material.
The original backing was going to be made with the same cream material, but there was a tragic accident involving some purple fabric that ran in the same load of wash. The cream fabric took the color beautifully and I found that the pink really worked well with the pears and leaves so I used it anyway. Sadly, some shirts and a sweater did not fair as well.

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