Sunday, January 06, 2008

You asked for it...

My dear friend (and now brother-in-law) has always been incredibly supportive of my sewing adventures, from the day I asked him for a ride home with my first sewing machine, to all the rides to the fabric store to the words of encouragement at the Craftacular.

Through all the years, he has only asked me for two things: first, he wanted me to put him on my website; and second, he wanted me to make him something (but since this is a family site, I can't bring myself to describe what he wanted). Luckily, my friend told me that he no longer needs me to make him his special request (you are just going to have to ask him yourself if you really need to know). But, as I was going through my old pictures, I came across this photo shoot, taken in my San Francisco apartment, full of boxes and just days before I moved to New York, and recalled my friend's request to be on my website. So, although long overdue, here you go!

Personally, I find that the juxtaposition of such a brawny, hunky man and such a sophisticated purse really works. Or maybe it is just that beefcake can really sell anything.

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xtine said...

Who is that handsome man with the lovely purse?