Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bartering for The Wire

My incredibly generous co-worker offered to lend me all four seasons of The Wire on DVD when I couldn't rent them from my local video store or Netflix. (I will discuss that travesty in a later post. ) It was an incredible offer because she didn't know me that well and sharing a favorite DVD with an acquaintance is always a little risky.

I felt compelled to reward such a lovely act of generosity with a surprise purse. It also gave me the chance to try out a new style. I haven't named it yet but it is a cross between the Handbag and the City Bag. It is wider than the Handbag but not quite as deep as the City Bag. It is also perfect. My co-worker now knows it is coming, but I can't say I didn't seriously consider keeping it for myself.

Here are some pictures of it next to the City Bag for a better comparison. Aren't they so cute together?

1 comment:

nasancheyev said...

Wow. Your co-worker sure got a good deal; that's a gorgeous bag!