Monday, March 31, 2008

Okay Jess, peek all you want!

I received a quilt order right around the time I committed to the fabric for Baby Brielle's quilt, so with a little tweaking and a lot of thought on the design, I actually made two quilts at the same time. The quilts are pretty much the same with the only real difference being the binding. On this first one, I used the pale yellow pinstripes with the dragonflies and butterflies for the binding but I have something else in mind for the second one.

I delivered this quilt to Lauren last week to be given at a baby shower this past weekend. I already received a report that the mother-to-be "LOVED" (with all capitals) the quilt. Hearing that response makes me so happy and just fuels the quilting fire inside of me. (Have I gone over to the dark side yet?)

It has been tough to hold on to these quilt pictures and not post them. My intention was to hold out until I finished the second quilt, but it is taking a bit longer than I anticipated and these pictures are burning a hole in my pocket. And after consulting with Jess this morning and hearing that she has been cruising the blog hoping for a sneak peek, I figured I would end the torture for the both of us.

So, here you go Jess! I hope you like it.


Rebekah said...

Such a darling quilt! Love this!

Spooda Baby said...

Uuuummmm Hello!!! This is the cutest little girls quilt ever!!! It is perfect! I can't wait to see mine, I mean Brie's, in person.

You are such a sweet aunt to make such a lovely gift for little Brie... She is going to just love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt sis....