Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Crafter

I have been way too busy having fun this summer and not working hard enough on all of my great projects. I am a very bad crafter. Like this past weekend, instead of sewing, I went off to the Jersey Shore. Saturday had great weather but storms rolled in on Sunday. I didn't have my fancy camera but was able to capture a couple shots before the storm. But don't worry, the crazy rain didn't stop the fun. My only regret was having to leave to go back home so I could go to work on Monday.

The boardwalk seems so mellow on a cloudy day. But it was bumping the night before!

The lifeguards announced that the storm was coming and the beach cleared out, fast.

The seagull didn't seem too nervous.

Those were some scary cloud formations. They were moving so fast and were so ominous. My camera's batteries died right after taking this shot so I didn't have a chance at capturing the crazy lightning in the distance.

The good news is that I don't have any plans for this weekend besides staying in my nice, air-conditioned apartment and getting caught up on some projects. Someone might have also bought a new Japanese sewing book with awesome looking patterns that must get tried this weekend. And when I say someone, I mean me, the person who isn't supposed to buy any more patterns until there is some better production coming out of the Astoria studio.

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