Monday, May 18, 2009

She's Alive!

Hello again! I know, I know. I have been gone for such a long time, especially after such a great productive January. But I have a good excuse and it is called morning sickness. It turns out that everything, including sewing made me nauseous. Who would have thought that looking at a quilt top could make my stomach churn? Anyone else have this problem? The good news is that I am finally feeling better and am able to think about sewing again.

I do have some great action shots of my little friends modeling their new pants. I actually made these pants in early February but the thought of dragging myself off the couch and mailing them was just too much. Good thing I have a cute husband who took pity on our friends and sent the package for me.

The pants are bigger versions of the ones I did for little Julia and the reviews are a lot better. The waists on the larger sizes seem to be more proportionate and have plenty of growing room too. They look like perfect pajamas and lounge wear to me!


Rebekah said...

yay! congratulations!

those striped pants are adorable

Amber said...

How exciting - congrats! And I totally feel for you on the sick part...I won't even haunt you with my prego stories. Glad to hear you are feeling a tiny bit better!

Stephanie said...

Wow, that is funny. I was the same way with my 2nd pregnancy. Sewing made me motion sick or something - not quite sure, but I couldn't even think of walking into a fabric shop either! Congratulations on your pregnancy and blessing to you on this wonderful journey.

Oiyi said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

Kate said...

Ditto! I'm fifteen weeks with my second pregnancy, finally (hopefully) reaching the end of my "pregnancy coma", and thinking about sewing once again. Just the thought of the sewing machine made me nauseous for weeks. Bizarre, but so glad to hear I am not the only one.