Saturday, May 01, 2010

Quick Gifts; or How To Win Over Five Year Old Girls

I made these little presents for my friend to give as gifts to five year old girls. I don't know the girls personally so I had to guess on what they would like. The dolls came from The Black Apple pattern on Martha Stewart's website. They are so fun, easy and quick to make. I need to get some cute stocking fabric rather than using just plain muslin. I am also thinking about how to make little shoes for the next time around.

The faces are painted with fabric paint. They look okay from a distance but I could use some more practice.

I also made two little pencil cases as well. My friend lives in San Francisco so I am sending him to Japantown to buy fun pens, pencils, and stickers as the real treat. When I was little, I used to love little bags, pens and stickers so much. I am hoping the little girls will be excited to open up the bag and find all kinds of cool things to play with.

Please excuse the washed out picture above. I was hustling to get the pictures done before the post office closed.


donnette fever said...

Ciao Melissa, le bambole sono bellissime!
Un bacio Elisa

jess said...
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jess said...

They are adorable!! Love the bags too, the girls are going to go crazy over this super cool gift!!!

I loved cool pencils when I was young too!!! Ummm... I still do.. ; )

Rebekah said...

these are so cute!

I was a big pencil and cute office supply fan when I was a kid (still am, in fact)

Heather said...

Those dolls are adorable! And forget pencils - I'd love a bag like that for big girl treats!

fiberdoodles said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! I love them :0)

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