Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogging My To-Do List

Last year, David and I had ourselves a good "Small Bedroom Weekend Challenge" where we redid our tiny second bedroom, making it into a functional office and tv room plus storage for all of my sewing materials. It was an amazing feat worthy of any design show on HGTV. We even scored an awesome desk, two gorgeous chairs and two bookshelves from a local vintage furniture store.

The chairs are great but the material covering the seat has seen better days. I have been patiently searching for the right material and thanks to Anna Maria Horner, my search is over. The fabric arrived last week and I can't wait for a free moment to recover these lovelies. I have never recovered a chair before so it should be a fun challenge.

So here are some "before" pictures of the chair and the new fabric. Nimbus the cat sold separately.

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Amy said...


Can't wait to see the finished chairs.