Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just In Time For Fall

Here is my latest obsession. After finishing the Bird Quilt, I was consumed with the idea of making another quilt for our house, and one that is really for David. (You know that they say, "the quilter's husband always goes cold.") I had a stash a Japanese fabric and had been eying a pack of charm squares at City Quilters for a long while, so the quilt design was pretty obvious. And if I say so myself, the charm square quilt did not disappoint.

I also got to break in my new quilting gloves that I received as a birthday present from my mom (Hi Mom!). They were terrific and I only managed to sewing my finger once.

As for the free motion quilting, I am 100% addicted. It was hard but it looks so great. I am sure my technique will improve, since I had only really practiced a few times on swatches before I dove into the full size quilt. It is all washed, puckery and on my bed, and the quilting has held up perfectly so far.


bettyninja said...

Looks great!

Patty said...

I love this quilt, it looks wonderful. I have made toddler sized charm quilts but never one this large; it makes me want to make one for my bed.

abcgirl said...

beautiful! congratulations on diving into free-motion quilting. i'm doing the same thing (starting off with a big project). i'll blog about it as soon as i've given it to its recipient.

anne said...

wow i love this quilt. Do you have the name of the pattern, or was this made up. If you made it up can you share the pattern information. Size of squares and wide of white fabbie. Cheers