Friday, February 20, 2009

A Very Productive Couple of Days, Part 1

I am steadily working on my to do list and I am giddy with excitement. Recently, the mailman delivered some new patterns for me to try out, a little girl dress (I know, another one!) and a baby yoga pants pattern.
This little dress pattern was a breeze to make. I love lined bodices of dresses more than ever after struggling with other patterns that don't call for it. Trying to make a neat hem on such a little armhole makes me crazy because 1) it is hard and 2) I can't do it very well. It also gives the dress that little extra bit of structure and a fun opportunity to add a splash of color.

On this dress, I tried out the rolled hem foot on my machine. Things went pretty well for the most part and I think it looks appropriate on a dress this small. This is the newborn size and I am going to do whatever it takes to get some action shots of this dress.

As much as I love making little dresses, I noticed that most of the time, my favorite little babies were in stretch jersey pants so I picked up this pattern to try out. The pattern was a little confusing because it has two design options, one for regular diapers and another for cloth diapers. I had to guess on what to do at first so I used some blue jersey I had in my stash that I was willing to sacrifice. Once I got through the confusion of how to proceed with the pattern without the insert for cloth diapers, it was a snitch to make. I have an overlock machine so I did everything except for the leg hem on it. The only thing I would have done differently was to hem the legs before sewing up the leg seem.

I am going to give them to the newest baby in my life for her to test drive them. The butt looks pretty big but hopefully it only looks big to me because I am not used to adjusting for diapers when it comes to pants.


Amber said...

hose pants look so cozy - couldn't you sew up a pair for me too? :-)

Amber said...

Those - not hose!

Rebekah said...

cute stuff!

Those pants are so cute and they must be really comfy. I wouldn't mind a pair in my size either :)

Barbara Myltschenko said...

Love them both! Where did you get the dress pattern? It looks nice and easy, something a beginner could do???