Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give Away Winner

I took the "low tech" approach to picking the winner of the scrap giveaway by writing the numbers one through eleven on individual pieces of paper, folding them and putting them in a bowl. I then asked my very cute husband to pick a piece of paper. He picked the number 4, making The Robins Nest the winner of the scraps since she was the fourth person to leave a comment. Congratulations!

Thank you all so much for leaving comments. I am planning a cross-country move this summer and will have more scrap giveaways now that I know there are so many people interested.

1 comment:

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Lucky number 4. Wow! Giveaways are always great for attracting people to your blog. It's funny really. I think some bloggers just have a sixth sense about when they are happening. :)

Gina Garitson directed me to your blog. It seems that we have a few things in common in addition to blogging.

You have a great site!